To promote the cause of service to the University and the community through the participation in activities which are social and charitable; to encourage cooperation and friendship among ourselves and with others and to abide by the University’s established policies.




FOUNDING CHARTER SCHOOL: University of Southern California

COLORS: Peach & Brown

FLOWER: Sonia Peach Rose

STONE: Diamond


ADK CREST 09-20-17-JH.png
  1. Four roses each representing one of our four founding members.

  2. Crane representing our Asian culture, heritage, inner beauty, and lifelong legacy.

  3. Scroll representing scholastic achievement and the formal initiation of our members.

  4. Joint hands representing our bond of friendship, sisterhood, unity, and strength in working together.

  5. Trojan head representing pride in our charter and community at the University of Southern California


  1. Alpha Delta Kappa is proud to be the only “open” Asian Greek Council (AGC) sorority chartered at the University of Southern California.  We are a service and social oriented organization and place strong emphasis on actively contributing to both the Asian-American and University communities.

  2. As an “open” sorority, ADKs come from many different universities and colleges in the Southern California area. We bring together the voices and benefits of the University and Community to provide our members a more diverse and complete collegiate experience.


This is what 40+ years of Sisterhood looks like...