About Us

Alpha Delta Kappa is proud to be the only “open” Asian Greek Council (AGC) sorority chartered at the University of Southern California.  We are a service and social oriented organization and place strong emphasis on actively contributing to both the Asian-American and University communities.

As an “open” sorority, ΑΔΚs come from many different universities and colleges in the Southern California area. We bring together the voices and benefits of the University and Community to provide our members a more diverse and complete collegiate experience.

ΑΔΚ 41st Anniversary Brunch - USC Town & Gown, 06-30-18



Thank you so much for visiting our website. I hope it helps you gain a better understanding of what our sisterhood, Alpha Delta Kappa, is all about. It feels like yesterday when I decided to make the best decision in my college career. As you will see through our website, our sisterhood is filled with unique, hardworking, and beautiful women who aspire to grow together everyday. The Alpha Delta Kappa experience will guarantee the best of friends, life lessons, and unforgettable memories. Becoming an ADK has given me countless opportunities and the most remarkable friendships that I plan to cherish for the rest of my life. Although college is only a fraction of our lives, the bond of our sisterhood is everlasting. I encourage you to check out the rest of our website and our recruitment this fall to see all that we have to offer!

Best regards,