Sisterhood events

These are our cornerstone of our sorority and encourage internal relationship and team building. They include everything from general meetings, tailgates, casual get-togethers, road trips, and formal events. Every event essentially becomes a sisterhood event when we're together!

To name a few...

  • ΑΔΚ Big/Lil Dinner

  • ΑΔΚ Mother/Daughter Luncheon

  • ΑΔΚ Alumnae BBQ


Helping others and making a positive contribution in every possible way, including financially, is part of being a Sister of the Alpha Delta Kappa family. We realize how fortunate we are to have each other and strive to provide as much support to others in need as we possibly can.

To name a few...

  • Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure

  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles

  • American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Campaign

  • GetUp8



Every day we strive to advocate and encourage a healthy and safe lifestyle for all, both by individual example and through our participation in the events of other, more targeted organizations.

To name a few...

  • AIDS Walk Los Angeles

  • American Red Cross

  • LA Marathon

cultural awareness

As a primarily Asian-American sorority, we cannot stress enough the importance of cultural awareness. We are proud to bring increased awareness to our various cultures, including non-Asian ones, and feel lucky to live in the diverse city of Los Angeles where we can participate in so many different cultural events.

To name a few...

  • Nisei Week Japanese Festival

  • Carrera de los Muertos (Run of the Dead)

  • Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival



In our efforts to help and encourage the growth and well-being of each other, we believe it essential to do the same for those around us, in our local communities. Young and old, females, minorities, citizens of this Earth - we are, have been, or will be all of these in our lifetimes and recognize the importance of advocating and assisting these groups in especial.

To name a few...

  • Heal the Bay

  • Sakura Gardens (formerly Keiro) Nursing Home

  • Los Angeles Regional Food Bank


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