Thank you for your interest in Alpha Delta Kappa Recruitment!

Our recruitment period is now closed, but please check back often for updates on our Fall 2018 recruitment period.




Upcoming Events



ΑΔΚ Mother/Daughter Luncheon and Installation Ceremony

When: Sunday 05/20/18, 11am-3pm

Where: Brookside Golf & Country Club

1133 Rosemont Avenue Pasadena, CA  91103

Who: ADKs and our Moms

Attire: your Sunday Best




When: Saturday 06/30/18, 930am

Where: Town & Gown

University of Southern California LA, CA 90007

Who: all Sisters of USC Alpha Delta Kappa

Attire: formal brunch

USC Alpha Delta Kappa 40th Anniversary Fete.png


Hi everyone!


My name is Ivy Park and I am this semester's Pledge Mom for Alpha Delta Kappa. I would personally like to thank you for your interest in our 2018 Spring Recruitment, "Life is Sweeter with ADK's". I hope you all enjoyed this amazing opportunity at our recruitment to meet your potential sisters and build life-long friendships.

Being in Alpha Delta Kappa has taught me so much and benefited me in so many ways. I met so many amazing people from all over the world, and built relationships that are unbreakable. I'm always grateful for ADK's because it came with great memories and most importantly, sisterhood.

I hope to be able to guide you through this journey through ADK's, help you through your academic career and be along side you through your social endeavors. Your Big Sis and I will support you and be there for you no matter what; I hope you will gain all the wonderful experiences I did and more through Alpha Delta Kappa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (626) 818-2920. On behalf of the sisters of Alpha Delta Kappa, we look forward to meeting all of you!



General Recruitment Info & Tips

  1. Tell us about yourself!
    • We want you to know us, and we want to know YOU! Remember that the girls recruiting you were in your shoes not long ago, so your best bet at leaving an impression is to be natural, and speak to something truly about yourself. We look for genuine personalities, so just be you! And we promise to do the same.
  2. Dress for comfort and look presentable
    • Choosing an outfit for recruitment can be a headache, but ADK's give you guidelines to help you out! For example: "dress to impress" can be a cute blouse and jeans. But we're not looking at your outfit; we just want to get to know you! Come dressed in what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.
  3. Come out to as many recruitment events as you can!
    • Going to recruitment events allows you to meet your future sisters and get to know us better. ALL ladies are welcome, so bring your friends and come enjoy each event we have planned exclusively for you! Keep in mind that it's not mandatory for you to go to all the events in order to receive a bid - one is enough and we’ll keep you in mind!
  4. Try to talk to every ADK and ask lots of questions!
    • Each and every ADK wants to get to know you and we want you to be comfortable getting to know us - and each one of us is her own person. If you have questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask the same question to different sisters as we value our individuality, and yours too.
  5. BE GENUINE & TRUE TO YOURSELF! Because that's what ADK's look for.
    • The sisters of Alpha Delta Kappa are proud to be a group of down-to-earth, unique, well-rounded girls and we want you to be a part of this beautiful sisterhood, too! Show us what you're made of. We encourage all our potential new members to join the sorority that really wins your heart; don't feel pressured to join anything you don’t feel truly suits you.
  6. Keep an open mind during recruitment and GOOD LUCK!